Suminagashi “Spilled Ink” Marbling Workshop


Marbling Workshop

For adults and children over 10 !
Sunday September 23rd 1-3 PM
Learn the sumptuous, mesmerizing, success guaranteed art of Japanese marbling! Suminagashi, which translates to "Spilled Ink," creates patterns by floating ink on the surface of water and transferring it to a sheet of paper. Because the nature of water is ever-changing and constantly moving, Suminagashi printers are viewed as great masters of control. Each monoprint is like a fingerprint — unique and unreproducible. 

You can create wrapping paper, cards, paper to craft with, and anything else that looks good marbled ( ie everything!)  We will practice the techniques of concentric dripping, blowing, combing, and infusing with essential oils. Weather permitting, the workshop will be held outdoors so we can enjoy the spring sunshine and hang our works of art to dry in the breeze.

Paper will be provided, and plain cotton bandanas, silk scarves, and more fun things to print on will be available to purchase.

*Boku Undo inks are water based and rated AP nontoxic. They wash off hands easily with soap and water, but an apron or a crafty set of clothes that you can  dirty up is recommended.
Workshop will be led by Gracie, a decorative arts enthusiast, who loves to craft and spread the joy of making. She also works at Jill Lindsey and may be a familiar face. :) 

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