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Tarot Intro Course with Ana | Sundays starting October 1st

Join us for a four-week Tarot 101 class Sundays from 12-2pm starting October 1st, to dive into the magic of tarot. We can’t wait to explore it with you! 

Tarot Cards have been used for centuries as a method of connecting to the future, past, and innermost truths. But with 78 cards full of different archetypes, characters, and symbols, how does we begin to make sense of it all?

In this four week intro to tarot course, Jill Lindsey’s resident tarot reader Ana Mirabal will break down the history of tarot, explain the various meanings of the cards, and guide students through exercises to connect with their intuition. Each class will focus on a suit, or a grouping of cards, and its corresponding elements, themes, and situations. 

Then the class will end with a fifteen minute free time to practice reading for each other, ask Ana any questions, or simply reflect on our findings of the day. The course will culminate in a final class where we’ll learn to put the suits together through some basic tarot spreads and interpret the stories they tell.

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Ana Mirabal is a Brooklyn-based artist and has been a practicing witch for six years, with a focus in Tarot for the last five. She has been a proud member of the Jill Lindsey community since late 2021. She is available for private readings Thursday-Sunday on walk in or appointment basis, and she also leads monthly moon workshops with astrologer Eden Orion and Jill Lindsey herself! She is a Pisces sun, Leo moon, and Libra rising, and a mother to her spooky little black cat Freddie.