Readings with Moriah


Moriah Simmons is intuitive tarot reader and reiki practitioner based in Brooklyn, NY. Moriah has studied tarot for seven years, and completed the 6-month intensive Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey. Her approach to healing through tarot and reiki is warm and down-to-earth; there's no judgement, and no sugar-coating, just the space for you to be exactly who you are. Each reading offers soul insight and concrete tools for you to feel empowered and live your life as a whole and happy person.

Tarot Readings
Half Hour - $60
Full Hour - $100

The Akashic Record is a vibrational record of your soul's past, present and future possibilities. "Akasha" is a Sanskrit word meaning "primary substance." The Akasha is the zone between possibility and reality. It's where thought passes on its way to becoming form, so naturally all things that exist in matter or thought have an imprint here. Collectively, these imprints are the Akashic Records. Within the Akashic Records, you'll find your spirit team of guides and teachers working to help your reality match up with your highest possibility. Other people have defined it differently, but this is how the Akashic Records described themself to me :) 

During an Akashic Records Reading, I open your personal records, to access your vibrational imprint and spirit team. I then channel information to serve your highest good.

With your Akashic Records open, you can ask any questions, or discuss areas of life where you need support. You can clear and heal old patterns, find inspiration, and clarify the path forward. This reading can be personal about your life, and we can also ask the Akashic Records for information on a universal topic. I've had really fun readings where we discuss the nature of angels, reincarnation, healing the earth, and plant medicine!

Akashic Records Readings
Half Hour - $66
Full Hour - $120

* tax included in booking prices & appointments are non-refundable*

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