The Field Guide Deck


Field Guide Deck


The Field Guide Deck is simple and super for anyone to use.  A dream team of 40 gorgeous animal, stone and plant cards packed with practical magic.

Use them to start your day, find your way, or answer a burning question. Whether you're familiar with divination decks, or just love the images on these cards, they work like a charm every time.
Ask them anything.  They're listening.

A detailed guidebook accompanies the deck, containing helpful information about using the cards, and descriptions of each card's meaning.  The meanings of the images are channeled from many sources: plant, animal and stone medicine, divination, indigenous uses, and the object’s inherent natural properties. 
The deck was originally developed as a tool by Lori to use in her intuitive readings, and brought to life with original paintings, by artist Julianna Bright. 
For more of Julianna's work, visit

The cards measure 4"x6", and are printed on heavy stock that feels good in the hands.  Made from start to finish, in the city of roses, Portland, Oregon.


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