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Vision Workshop with Ashley from Heartground Collective | January 11th
Thursday, January 11th | 6:30PM - 8:30PM
Vision 2024 Workshop hosted by Jill Lindsey and Ashley Itenberg

Are you ready to create your 2024 Vision Board? Jill and Ashley are hosting a one of a kind workshop experience that will be the most enjoyable, inspiring, and joy-filled Vision Board Workshop ever! If you are ready to get clear on what you are creating in 2024, come join us!! 


Registration is NOW OPEN! Participate in a workshop offering valuable results that will set you up for all you desire to come true in 2024!


Our curated process will guide you through a method that connects you to your unique creativity. You may be uncertain about the upcoming year, but through the process something magical happens. Inspiration strikes, ideas become clear, and suddenly, your intentions for the year come into focus. You will leave feeling renewed and ready to make big things happen with a fun and effective visual map to guide you. 

A charged laptop and pinterest account (or image account of choice)
Wear something comfortable
Get excited! This is going to be so much fun!


+ Clarify your goals for 2024
+ Embrace new possibilities 
+ Find inspiration and set the tone for the year ahead
+ Create a powerful visual tool to guide you

This workshop is a must for individuals who want to turn their big dreams into reality. 


*Tax included in booking price

*Appointments are non-refundable

*Please arrive on time & wear comfy clothes