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Yoni Candle (multiple colors)

Each ceramic Yoni Candle is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring its exquisite beauty and individuality. The ceramic vessel is carefully shaped in the form of a Yoni, representing the divine feminine energy and embracing the concept of rebirth, renewal, and empowerment.

Hand-poured with love and intention, the all-natural, clean-burning wax ensures a long-lasting and eco-friendly experience. As the flame flickers and dances within the Yoni-shaped vessel, it serves as a reminder to embrace and celebrate your femininity, honoring the sacredness and strength that resides within you.

*All Token Moment items are handmade in Brooklyn with love, passion & playful intention. The letters and detailing are done with real gold luster

*After two kiln firings, reaching temperatures as high as 2400 degrees Fahrenheit, real gold luster is carefully applied and then fired a third time to approximately 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The final result of these firings is a durable *Clit AF* piece of stoneware that is fused glass to ceramic.