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Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone

The captivating golden hues of these crystals mirror the resilience and courage of the majestic tiger. Discover the magical power Tiger's Eye can bring to enhance your courage, attract abundance, and radiate a warm glow of positive energy. 

Courage and Confidence: Tiger's Eye is celebrated for its ability to instill courage and boost confidence. It acts as a talisman of protection, helping you face challenges with strength, resilience, and a fearless mindset.

Abundance and Prosperity: This crystal is associated with attracting abundance and wealth. Its golden energy aligns with the solar plexus chakra, promoting a positive mindset, and inviting financial success into your life.

Grounding Energy: Tiger's Eye carries grounding energy, connecting you to the stabilizing energies of the Earth. It helps maintain balance and focus, grounding scattered energies and promoting a sense of stability.

Insight and Clarity: Tiger's Eye enhances insight and clarity, aiding in decision-making and problem-solving. It sharpens the mind, dispelling fear and self-doubt, and encouraging a clear and objective view of situations.

Zodiac Associations: Tiger's Eye resonates most closely with the zodiac signs of Leo, Capricorn, and Gemini. Leos benefit from its amplification of courage and confidence, while Capricorns find support in its grounding and stabilizing qualities. Geminis appreciate Tiger's Eye for enhancing mental clarity and focus.

Birthstone Significance: While not a traditional birthstone, Tiger's Eye aligns with the vibrational energies of the month of July. Its warm and vibrant properties make it a meaningful and powerful choice for individuals born during this month, bringing courage, prosperity, and positive energy.

Stones range in size from 0.5" - 1.25" and each is unique.